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Changing organizations

Living with organizations is as human as walking on two feet.   People get things done through organizations.  From the earliest hunter gatherers to the most recent multinational business, organizations represent humanity’s attempt to maximize the benefit from effort.  Along … Continue reading

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What’s Stuck in your Beard?

How does style influence conflict?  It’s not a question that gets often asked.  Its importance should not be overlooked.  What’s in vogue can, I think, constrain or emphasize behaviors, positions or approaches to conflict.  Look at the antebellum period, especially … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on the American Civil War

What does the American Civil War teach us about peace and conflict?  In the next few entries I will consider this question.  The simple answer is that peace is preferable and conflict is bloody awful.  Simple answers rarely suffice, however. … Continue reading

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The Store is Open – Welcome

The threatened defunding of the United States Institute of Peace reinforces the sense that 2011 marks a shift in how we think about peace and conflict.  Combine that with the more noteworthy apparent decline in violence in Iraq, the Arab … Continue reading

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