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What’s a Peace Worker?

What’s a peace worker?  Somebody who assists communities, companies and governments to achieve positive sum gains through negotiation and discussion. What do peace workers do?  Some might be mediators, and others negotiators.  Still others might be managers, and others workers. … Continue reading

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Working Lands Conflict

Since Paul Collier began to work on the economic correlates of conflict a lot of attention has been focused on extractive industries.  A fair amount of attention has been focused on mining and its relationship to violent conflict.  Conflict diamonds, conflict … Continue reading

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Want to Find a Growth Industry?

Want to find a growth industry?  Look no further than the peace business.  Not only has it been enormously successful over the past two decades, but demand may well soon skyrocket.  The reason for this explosion is simple – with … Continue reading

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Reconstruction and Reconciliation – Yesterday and Today

Reconstruction is one of the most complex topics to tackle in thinking about the aftermath of the American Civil War.  At the end of the war many recognized that the South would have to be remade both socially and economically. … Continue reading

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