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Educated in Creative Conflict

For some years I have been teaching conflict resolution to graduate and undergraduate students.  For years I, like many others, have been emphasizing the value of creativity in problem solving.  At its very heart integrative problem solving beats creativity.  Mary … Continue reading

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A Fork in the Road

A friend of mine once said “Washington’s not a city, it’s a campus.”  What he meant is that on any given day you can find several, and often a lot, of free lectures, debates and seminars.  You almost trip over … Continue reading

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Going Shopping with Tom Friedman

I like Tom Friedman.  He’s not always right, and sometimes I vehemently disagree with him, but I like his big picture, mega view of the world.  As an analyst he’s pretty good at coming up with insights regarding trends and … Continue reading

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Land Conflict and the American Civil War

I had promised to spend some of my blogging time looking at the American Civil War, in addition to looking at aspects of conflict.  Most recently I have been writing about land conflict, so a reasonable question to ask is … Continue reading

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