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Innovation in Peace and Conflict

A recent rash of conferences focusing on innovation in peace and conflict have got me thinking is this really innovation? Throughout the peacebuilding world there are NGO’s, activists, and others who seek to use ‘innovative’ approaches.  These range from interfaith … Continue reading

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Working Lands Conflict in Indonesia

No better metaphor for life in Indonesia can replace that of Wayang puppet theatre.  What is Wayang puppet theatre and why is relevant to peace and conflict?  Let me explain. Wayang puppet theatre is a traditional form of entertainment and … Continue reading

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The Future State of the World, and What we can do about it

Recently I’ve been reading “The Future State of the World: As It Relates to the Australian Aid Program” which was commissioned by the Australian government ahead of the significant expansion of their overseas aid program.  It makes for interesting, if … Continue reading

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