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The Power of Contrast

Below are excerpts from Nelson Mandela’s “Statement from the Dock at the Opening of the Defence Case in the Rivonia Trial,” Pretoria Supreme Court, South Africa, 20th April, 1964. Firstly, we believed that as a result of Government policy, violence by the African … Continue reading

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No Longer a Middle Power, Australia becomes a Short Power

Australia announced a shift in policy saying that refugees arriving by boat will no longer be processed in Australia.  With the move to deny refugee status to people crossing the Timor Sea Australia has surrendered its hard fought for middle … Continue reading

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Nice Teeth

Having lived on three continents over the course of my life I conclude that Americans have the best teeth.  Go anywhere in the world and find the person with the straightest, whitest teeth, and you will have found the American.  … Continue reading

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Digging Holes in Virginia

In the world of hole-digging our dog, Lady, surpassed any competitor.  As a child I spent hours digging holes with her, learning her art.  Today, Lady a purebred English Pointer, would cost a lot.  In 1965 her only value to … Continue reading

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It Takes Guts

So much for being human.  Over the last two hundred years humanity has gone from being the child of god, to an evolving mammal, and after a few more intermittent steps we have emerged as mere bacterial hosts.  Welcome to … Continue reading

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Warbler Tales

A unique park, a wildlife oasis, awaits discovery only a few miles from the heart of Washington, DC.  Located in the Virginia suburbs the park’s wildlife is not limited to the usual and not very interesting squirrels, deer and house … Continue reading

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Exceptional Hedonism

It comes as no surprise to say that one can have too much of a good thing. Stories of excess are never hard to find, though one from New Zealand stood out.   An unconscious man, whose van had been found … Continue reading

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