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Foreign Aid, Bad Driving, and Other Tales of Woe

An Australian colleague once told me a story of watching two cars collide in an otherwise empty car park early one Sunday morning. The drivers, unknown to one another, shared only one goal of finding a parking space among an … Continue reading

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Franchising and Artisanal Miners

“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.” Ralph Waldo Emerson  Introduction Imagine a river in equatorial Africa or a tributary running down towards the Amazon.  Near the shores of the … Continue reading

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Scunning the Barrel: The Success of Third Parties in Reducing Violence

Sitting in a seaside café chatting with a friend he told about an arcane phrase – scunning from the barrel.  What, I asked, did that mean.  He said it comes from Newfoundland seafarers who would send sailors into the barrel … Continue reading

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What does the Future Hold?

I have been thinking about the future lately.  Mostly because I have had my graduate students doing a scenario exercise about the future directions of conflict resolution.  Today, the ‘thing’ in CR is to do development work; a conflict resolution … Continue reading

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Peace in Mindanao

Several years ago I participated at the very edges of the peace process in Mindanao.  While I was with the US Institute of Peace I helped organize a series of workshops that examined the conflict between the Moro Islamic Liberation … Continue reading

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Is Violence Passé?

I have been reading recently Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: The Decline of Violence in History and Its Causes.  Anybody with an interest in peace and conflict should read it.  Pinker makes the provocative claim: “This book … Continue reading

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Archaeology and Managing the Land

Having returned from holiday in New Brunswick I attended an interesting talk the other day by an archaeologist named David Guilfoyle.  He runs an outfit called Applied Archaeology International. What’s interesting is how they do their work, collaborating with the traditional … Continue reading

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